Master in Drawing, University of Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUL), 2016.
Desenho de Paisagem: Investigações Sobre Representação Espacial.
Advisor: António Pedro Marques. 
Jury: Pedro Saraiva, Américo Marcelino. 

This thesis studies the role of drawing as a mediator between landscape as a material practice and landscape as an artistic representation (landscape architecture and landscape painting). Drawing connections between architecture, painting, and history, the thesis maps key moments in the development of modern landscape aesthetics. It begins with the proto-landscape of the medieval “Hortus Conclusus,” understood as a mystical realm of symbolic and decorative patterns. It progresses to the “Panorama,” which addresses the territories of villegiatura and the discovery of light and perspective. The focus then shifts to the “Scenery,” characterized by theatrical optical illusions and a sense of infinite land control. The “Picturesque” emerges as a landscape of naturalist beauty and everyday poetic realism. It is followed by the “Sublime,” which introduces elements of transcendence and Dionysian tragedy. Modernist “Psychogeography” incorporates informality and abstraction to reflect the infinitely expanding landscapes of subjectivity. Finally, the study delves into “Ecology,” an aesthetic marked by doubt, suspension, and reflexivity. The dissertation concludes with a didactic structure for teaching students how to see and interpret landscapes using a method of cartographic drawing.

Vegetation Series

  • Maritime Pines at Serra de Sintra, 2013, pen and ink wash on paper, 19×25 cm.
  • Honeyberry Tress at S. Pedro de Alcântara, 2013, pen and ink wash on paper, 29×25 cm and 9×28 cm.

Topography Series

  • Death Valley, 2013, graphite on newsprint paper, 296×840 cm.
  • View at S. Pedro de Alcântara, 2012, pen and ink wash on paper, 9×28 cm.

    Water Series

      • Underwater moss, 2013, pen and watercolour on paper, 19×25 cm.
      • Fountain at S. Pedro de Alcântara, 2013, pen and ink wash on paper, 9×14 cm.

      Body Series
      • Woman rolling I and II, 2016, charcoal on paper, 84×118 cm.
      • Manuela, Valentina, Sara, 2012, pen and ink wash on paper, 9×14 cm.